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UPDATE 35: Multimedia Release: Unified Command salvage crews continue work to fully restore the Fort McHenry Federal Channel

Monday, June 10, 2024


BALTIMORE – This b-roll package, in three segments captured June 5 and June 7, 2024, shows Unified Command’s ongoing work to fully restore the Port of Baltimore’s Fort McHenry Federal Channel.

“We remain confident we will have the Federal Channel fully restored in the next few days,” said Col. Estee S. Pinchasin, USACE, Baltimore District commander. “We’re using the same detailed process as when opening the three alternate channels and the Limited Access Channel. Once the wreckage is cleared, we will sweep the area with sonar, LIDAR and magnetometer, to investigate any high spots, ensuring there’s no hazard to navigation.”

“We are going to be as thorough and disciplined as we have been since the beginning – we owe it to Baltimore and the Port, to turn over a safe navigation channel they can use with the greatest of confidence,” Pinchasin said.

Original b-roll can be downloaded here

Full deck of images included below can be downloaded at these links:


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